CE #1 Vigilance and Arousal Related to ADHD


April 5th @1pm ET  presented by Andreas Müller, PhD. Dr. Müller, CEO of HBimed, is one of the principals who developed the HBimed database, which is the largest qEEG database that is also age and gender-differentiated. Dr. Mueller will present his latest research on arousal and how it relates to treatment planning. Join us for valuable information related to enhancing protocols and treatment interventions

Vigilance and Arousal Related to ADHD

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Andreas Müller, a renowned researcher in the field of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),will present his groundbreaking research on "Vigilance and Arousal Related to ADHD." His comprehensive work delves into the intricate relationship between an individual's state of alertness and the manifestation of ADHD symptoms.
Through meticulous data analysis and innovative research methods, Dr. Mueller has uncovered crucial insights that shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with ADHD in maintaining optimal levels of vigilance and arousal. His findings have the potential to revolutionize the understanding and treatment of this neurodevelopmental disorder.
By participating in this exceptional research opportunity, you will gain access to:

  1. Cutting-edge research methodologies and tools, using the HBimed database, employed by Dr. Mueller and his team.
  2. In-depth analysis of the mechanisms underlying vigilance and arousal in ADHD.
  3. Practical strategies and interventions aimed at enhancing attentional control and reducing the impact of ADHD symptoms on daily life.
  4. Opportunities for collaboration with a world-class researcher and his network of experts in the field.

Dr. Mueller, along with Prof. Juri Kropotov, has developed the HBimed database, which is the only gender and age-differentiated database available for qEEG. His research and work with ADHD are widely published, and his passion for understanding the complexities of this disorder and dedication to advancing evidence-based interventions set him apart as an exceptional researcher in the field.
Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of the latest research that can help shape our understanding of ADHD research and treatment.

Presenter's Biography

Andreas Müller is an expert in the study of the human brain. For 17 years, he has been researching the connections between biology and mental disorders - for example, ADHD - as executive director of the Graubünden Brain and Trauma Foundation. In 2003, the former head of the Graubünden School Psychological Service initiated his first research project together with the world-renowned Russian neurophysiologist Yuri Kropotov: recording the brain waves of 250 healthy children and adolescents to create a database. Already in 2004, the database was expanded to include 540 adults. Together with people from Norway and Russia, the people from Graubünden formed the basis for an index database on the human brain. Since 2006, Andreas Müller has been the managing director of the Brain and Trauma Foundation in Graubünden. He has been working with neurofeedback since 1999.

Diversity Statement:

The content of the presentation respects and takes into account cultural, individual, and role-specific differences in terms of arousal and vigilance and, of course, in terms of all other content of the presentation for people with mental disorders and for all other people, as indicated in the title, program description, learning objectives, and references.