NRBS Sponsor Application

As part of our mission to build community among professionals in the field of mental health, NRBS is excited to offer the opportunity to collaborate through our sponsorship program.


  1. The annual fee is $600. This is paid on a calendar year.
  2. Sponsor Logo is listed in all NRBS email blasts.
  3. Sponsor is offered a dedicated page on the NRBS website that includes 1 revision/month.
  4. Sponsor may offer 1 webinar at an agreed upon date between noon-1 ET. The content may be promotional, but it is strongly suggested that there is a clinical component to offer an understanding of how the product can be applied with patients. NRBS will promote the webinar to our database and on social media to capture emails that will be shared with the sponsor. It is suggested the sponsor offer a limited promotion for those attending live.
  5. 2 passes to annual conference.
  6. Sponsor zoom room or table (when in person) at the annual conference.
  7. Listing of conference attendees if virtual.
  8. We encourage sponsors to engage with webinar and conference attendees following the event.

Optional add-ons

  1. $200 for conference video: There are 6 slots at the annual conference for a 2-3 minute video. The video will run immediately prior to the speaker once the attendees are admitted to the zoom room. In the case of a live meeting, the video will run immediately prior to the introduction of the presenter.
  2. $250 for additional webinar: Sponsorship includes one 1-hour webinar as described in item 4 above. This option is available for those who would like to present an additional webinar.