Harnessing the power of the neurofeedback relationship: Intentional practice for better patient outcomes

Series #23


November 7, 2023
12pm ET

Neurofeedback provides a unique opportunity for practitioners to build effective and influential therapeutic relationships. The novelty, speed, and reliability of bio/neurofeedback outcomes puts practitioners in a new therapeutic role. Practitioners can use this role to orient clients to changes in function and behavior in a way that forever changes clients’ relationship with self and coping. The importance of monitoring progress explicitly will be discussed. The importance of observing, facilitating, and integrating changes in executive function and self efficacy that result from neurofeedback will be discussed. We will examine the neurofeedback practitioner’s role as ambassador to enhanced health and learning


  1. Practitioners will be able to name 3 unique opportunities in the Neurofeedback therapeutic relationship
  2. Practitioners will gain a better understanding of how one’s attention to behavioral observations, narrative, self efficacy, and progress can enhance patient outcomes
  3. Practitioners will learn two new ways to assess and measure progress in Neurofeedback treatment.


Christine Tyrrell Baker, PhD

Christine Tyrrell Baker, PhD is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience using CBT, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, and Mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and pIR HEG Neurofeedback. Dr. Tyrrell Baker’s passion is helping people discover the changes that occur in their lives as a result of Neurofeedback. She uses her 24 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, leader, and teacher to help both clients and practitioners take advantage of this healing technology. She has collected quantitative and qualitative data on the use of pIR HEG Neurofeedback in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress and trauma. You can find a recently published article documenting her data in Neuro Regulation https://doi.org/10.15540/nr.10.3.207 Dr. Tyrrell Baker has developed clinical training around the use of pIR HEG in clinical practice. Her Stress Regulation and Learning Model©️(SRL) is the first of its kind, intended to articulate how Neurofeedback affects mediating variables like self efficacy and reflective learning, and ultimately leads to sustainable progress in stress tolerance and health.
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