Differential diagnosis traps: anxiety, depression, rage, hallucinations vs temporary and stable brain events

Series 26


May 17, 2024
12-1pm ET

Brain events such as migraine, partial seizures, TIA, in
flammatory diseases can mimic psychological disorders. We will discuss differential diagnostic variables and the implications for biofeedback/neurofeedback interventions



Dr. Carmen has been licensed as a psychologist in New York State since 1979. His practice has morphed over the years from a general clinical psychology practice to one specializing in headaches, with a concentration on migraine headaches. He utilizes biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques in his practice and is the inventor of the Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography system, which is used worldwide to treat migraine headaches and cognitive and emotional disorders. He is also consulted worldwide for diagnosis and treatment of treatment-resistant migraine headaches.
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