Coaching Clients in Neurofeedback Sessions

Series #4


January 18, 2022
12:00 – 1:00pm Eastern Time

The magic of neurofeedback is in the client’s ability to learn and change their own brain from feedback. In this hour, we’ll discuss interventions to coach clients of all ages including; how to settle in, maintain focus and intention, and make the most out of their training sessions.


Leanne Hershkowitz

Leanne Hershkowitz, M.A./Ed.S, LPC, BCN is a licensed professional counselor in NJ specializing in the integration of counseling and clinical neurofeedback for trauma including complex/developmental and adoption. She is also trained in internal family systems, canine assisted therapy, EMDR, and attachment-based counseling approaches.


Anna Morrell

Anna Morrell earned her undergraduate degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (BFA in Painting) and Master’s from Springfield College in Clinical Art Therapy in 2006. From an early age, Anna recognized the healing qualities of the arts, from expressing thoughts and feeling states to the regulating and grounding characteristics in the act of creation. In 2010, she was introduced to Neurofeedback and has since been enamored with the potential this treatment carries for regulation and the organization of self. Specializing in work with children, adolescents and caregivers, Anna incorporates Neurofeedback, Art Therapy, Sensory Modulation, and Play Therapy into her clinical sessions. She uses a person-centered, trauma informed approach as a means to increase emotional stability, self exploration, and life engagement, especially for those impacted by developmental disabilities and trauma. Having gained experience in various settings such as schools, residential programming, foster care, and outpatient clinics, Anna has been able to develop, implement, and oversee several neurofeedback programs across these settings, allowing for neurofeedback to be more accessible to populations in need. Anna is a Licensed Clinical Mental Heath Counselor, Board Certified in Neurofeedback and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, offering neurofeedback mentoring, consultation, and workshops on working with the developing mind in addition to clinical work. She is a part of the dynamic Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, NC.
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