We are talking with some of the speakers from our 2022 conference.

Podcast listeners get a 25% off discount to our conference using the code HAPPYLISTENER when you register. The conference is October 21-22, and is fully virtual. If you can’t attend live, registrants will have access to recordings of the presentations for 30 days, so you won’t miss a thing!

Our guide today is Dr. Mary Jo Sabo. Dr. Sabo has been an important member of the neurofeedback community since the 1980s, as a provider and trainer. In what is probably a one of a kind effort in the 1990s, along with Harry Campbell (who joins us in the next episode), she organized the Yonkers Project, which brought neurofeedback into a large, multi challenged public school system. Over the next several years, the schoolchildren showed profound changes in behavior and school performance. On this episode, we discuss the history of the project, what made it successful (hint: parent and teacher buy-in), and how to replicate it.

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