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This episode’s guide is Michael Holler, a licensed mental health counselor, specializing in individual, couples and family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, neurofeedback, forensic evaluation, telemental health, and mediation. He is the Past President of the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association, and currently serves on the Board of Directors as  Parliamentarian & Ethics Committee Chair.

In addition to being a prominent relationship counselor, Michael has presented at national conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of Direct and Inferential Communication, Transactional Analysis, Counselor Ethics, Counselor Laws and Rules, Couples and Relationship Counseling, Kink/Alternative Relationships, Life Styles Aware Counseling, and Laws, Rules, and Ethics in Mental Health Counseling.

He has recently published his first book, Structured Relationship Theory: Nothing Less Would Have Sufficed.

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