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PsychogenX is a biopsych client assessment platform for therapists to help you evaluate your clients real-life state by objectively assessing baseline emotional regulation and stress coping-capacity. Using Resting-HRV (rather than HRV Biofeedback), PsychogenX helps you identify which clients are in need of support at the earliest stage before crisis, and also helps assess your therapeutic intervention's long-term daily impact outside of in-session activities.

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Address: 20-22, Wenlock Road, London. N1 7GU.
Website: https://psychogenx.health/
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PsychogenX Explorer is a web application used by practitioners as a client support tool to remotely observe and assess emotional regulation and wellness changes via Resting-HRV. Along with the Explorer web app, PsychogenX comes with a Client Wellness App; a scientifically-validated wellness app that turns your client’s smartphone into a powerful biofeedback device to help quantify psychophysiological changes. No additional biofeedback/neurofeedback device required, just a smartphone and 60-seconds every morning.
PsychogenX uses Baseline/Resting-HRV not as an intervention tool like Biofeedback-HRV, but as an assessment support tool to client therapy sessions.