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EEG Education & Research

Sole U.S. distributor for EEGer4 neurofeedback software

We are a family company supporting and promoting wellness technologies that empower the individual, because healthy, self-actualized people are the basis for a flourishing society. In 2013, we started EEG Store to allow us to distribute and support the renowned EEGer4 software, in partnership with EEG Education & Research (EEGER), and EEG Software. We also work in conjunction with EEG Learn, the educational evolution of EEGER, to offer affordable online and in-person training, webinars, and resources for therapists, mental healthcare professionals, and the public. As a company, we highlight relationships and communication, and look for opportunities to create mutually-beneficial, supportive, and sustainable ways of relating to each other and to you. We recognize that the empowerment and contributions of each individual are part of a healthy world. Experiences in social justice movements have led us to value both long-term strategy and attention to detail, as well as prioritizing active listening, awareness of power dynamics, and a willingness to be transformed by the process. We look forward to developing new relationships, and making new friends.

Contact name:
Address: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Website: https://www.eegstore.com
Email: [email protected]

Our products and services

  • EEGer4 Software, an FDA-cleared Class II medical device capable of real-time EEG feedback
  • Amplifiers & accessories
  • Games (feedback displays)
  • Trainings, webinars, and mentoring for neurofeedback clinicians of all levels and experience
  • Expert technical support
  • Affiliate and subscription programs to fit every budget