2019 Conference Recordings: Stuart Donadson, Ph.D


These recordings are being offered in honor of Dr. Donaldson and the proceeds will go towards the Stu Donaldson Scholarship Fund, which will support student fees at future annual conferences.

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Recording 1: Using the QEEG to Enhance Performance

The relationship of a number of different predictor variables (absolute power, coherence, phase lag, FFT power ratios) will be studied as they relate to the MTBI Z Scores and MTBI Discriminant Scores.  The data on 95 hockey players will be studied comparing concussed to non-concussed individuals.   The concept of DIASCHISIS will be introduced and examined particularly as it affects treatment.  Each of the predictor variables will be examined, compared and contrasted leading to conclusions about which are the better predictors to use to target the appropriate 10/20 sites for more effective treatment.

Learning Objectives – Intermediate; participants will be able to;

  • The participants will learn how each of the predictor variables have their use in planning treatment
  • The participants will learn about diaschisis and how it affects the health of the participants

Recording 2: The Relationship of the MTBI Subscales to Different Variables Thus Streamlining Treatment

The session will be a continuation of materials presented on Friday.  Particular focus will be on the use of FFT power ratios to develop a treatment plan.  Information sheets will be provided which illustrates the use of the techniques in providing visual feedback for the subjects, coaches and managers.

Learning Objectives – Intermediate; participants will be able to;

  • Participants will learn how to develop a treatment protocol utilizing different predictors from the qEEG
  • Participants will learn how to use a new tool to provide feedback for players and coaches


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