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NRBS is dedicated to promoting the responsible proliferation of biofeedback and neurofeedback in order to make practice and research more widely available to people in need. To further our mission, we are offering three paths to supporting new and existing students, practitioners and contributive researchers.

Choose a cause and make an impact

  1. Equipment for Biofeedback and neurofeedback donation

    Equipment Software & Hardware

    Donate equipment or funds to purchase equipment. Those wishing to donate actual equipment/software please telephone 610-933-9440 and ask for Mitchell Sadar, PhD to discuss the nature of the equipment/software and how to facilitate the transfer of the item(s) to NRBS
    $26.00 donated
  2. Research donation


    Expand the knowledge base regarding bio/neurofeedback. Donate to the research fund.
    $25.00 donated
  3. Donations group holding hands

    Scholarships for conferences and webinars

    Make a difference for underserved populations who might not otherwise be able to attend neurofeedback and biofeedback conferences or webinars.
    $50.00 donated