Concussion/TBI as a Full Body Experience: Impact of History on Treatment Planning

Concussion/TBI is more common than we think. And the effects are not confined to the brain. Prevalence of outdated beliefs complicates treatment planning and diagnosis. The DSM 5 criteria are inadequate, if not confusing. Data supporting history of trauma is important for legal proceedings.


  • List 3 diagnostic signs of Concussion/TBI.
  • Describe how to obtain History taking clues for early childhood concussive events.
  • Explain how to prepare for client deposition in post-whiplash or other injury case.

Mary Lee Esty LCSW-C, PhD BCN, BC

Mary Lee Esty, LCSW-C, Ph.D., has been in private practice in the Washington DC area following biofeedback training at the Menninger Clinic in 1989. Clinical applications of Menninger thermal biofeedback led to the creation of the on-going Mind-Body Skills Group training program at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Use of the Menninger Alpha-Theta application eventually led to research with the Flexyx Neurotherapy System (FNS) of Len Ochs. That research experience created wonderful clinical experiences and a path to an ongoing body of research data focusing on TBI and PTSD. In 1996 Dr. Esty was asked to accept a grant from the new NIH Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine for use of FNS in the treatment of TBI. Pre/Post- evaluations were done by a Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital neuropsychologist. (Jrl of Head Trauma Rehabilitation 2001) Subsequent research for TBI/PTSD has been focused on wounded veterans. Those results are published in the Journals of Neurotherapy, Pain, Brain Injury, Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, and several in Military Medical Research. Recent study data were presented at the Military Health System Research Symposium. This recent study was done in collaboration with the Traumatic Injury Research Program (TIRP) at the military medical school at Walter Read in Bethesda. After years of seeing clients who were mislabeled with DSM diagnoses, but whose histories of post-concussion/TBI were either not appreciated or ignored, Dr. Esty decided to create a brochure about post-concussion symptoms for her clients. That brochure grew to 500 pages. Following some biblio- surgery, Conquering Concussion was born with co-author Carol Shifflett. Conquering Concussion received awards including the Kirkus 100 Best Books of 2014, Non-Fiction Authors Gold Winner, and the Blue Ink Starred Review. Currently Dr. Esty provides pro-bono treatment to veterans with TBI &/or PTSD continuing the mission of improving treatment outcomes, and hopefully adding to the large body of research support to elevate the discipline of Neurotherapy into its rightful place in our health care system.

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1. Concussion/TBI as a Full Body Experience: Impact of History on Treatment Planning


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Concussion/TBI as a Full Body Experience: Impact of History on Treatment Planning


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