Scholarships for conferences and webinars

Donations group holding hands

We are reaching out to students and practitioners who are serving underserved populations who might not otherwise be able to attend to give them the opportunities to learn more about biofeedback and neurofeedback and possibly incorporate it into their studies, research, and practice. Attending the NRBS Conference is one way that connections in the field and exposure to current research and prominent practices can be shared.

We are happy to offer the Jay Gunkelman Scholarship Fund to enable conference attendance. Jay Gunkelman has the spirit of generosity that pervades our field. He has consistently offered innovative solutions to fundraising for student scholarship and has been very generous with NRBS. We are grateful and inspired.

We also are proud to be able to offer the NRBS Continuing Education Fund for Practitioners representing and/or working with underserved individuals who would not otherwise be able to attend our conferences or webinars.

  • 100% of donations go directly to cover the conference and webinar cost for the recipient.
  • The Jay Gunkelman Student Scholarship Fund.
  • The NRBS continuing education fund for practitioners working with the underserved who would not otherwise be able to attend.