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Posted Monday April, 5th 2021

Optimizing Human Experiences Through The Lens of The Polyvagal Theory

Podcast with Dr. Joseph Tatta, PT, DPT, CNS

Have you ever wondered how your heart and brain interacts and coordinates? For decades, Dr. Stephen Porges, a leading expert in developmental psychophysiology and developmental behavioral neuroscience, has been studying the connection between human behavior and physiology, specifically the vagus nerve. Dr. Porges’ work on the vagus nerve opens up new insights into the way our autonomic nervous system unconsciously mediates behaviors such social engagement, trust, and intimacy. Simply put, the simple or observable physiological measures open up windows into the nervous system for understanding human behavior. This fresh perspective and its emphasis on the link between our psychological experiences and the physical manifestations in our body is what chronic pain is all about. Learn more about what this theory means and how they can apply to health and the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, autism, and varuous other disorders.

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